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Access Control Systems - Timeware t8-1010


Number of Employees:

  • 1000 employee capacity
  • 3000 archive record capacity (in PC linked mode, terminals are polled continuously allowing unlimited archive capacity)


  • Network connection: RJ45 (10BaseT)
  • Serial connection: RS232 (9600bps)
  • Serial modem compatible

Bst/gmt correction
Site code specification
2 reader inputs

Compatible with the following reader types:

  • magstripe
  • barcode interleaved 2 of 5
  • HID prox
  • Motorola Indala prox
  • Various Wiegand
  • Biometric

Door ajar alert
Door forced alert
Fire alarm input
Utilises timeware® SDK: available free to third-party developers

Third party Software Developers:

What does the SDK do?

The SDK is designed to aid any programmer in creating his/her own application that communicates with a timeware® terminal. Communication to the terminal can be via an RS232 or TCP/IP connection.

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"Hand Punch 1000 is a user-friendly system that eliminates buddy-punching.” Paul O’Sullivan, Gerkros Boilers.