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Traditional Time Card Solutions

Blick BX1500

  • Fully electronic time recorder with large, clear analogue display
  • Ergonomically shaped clock card slot with anti-dust lid
  • Quartz clock with an accuracy of +/-3 seconds/week
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic clock feed
  • Maintenance of program data during power failure
  • Calendar with automatic date adjustment
  • Programmable automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Programmable day switch
  • Backlit IN/OUT buttons
  • Can print up to 6 columns
  • Printing selection: AM/PM or 0-23 hour, regular minute, 1/100, 1/10 or 1/20 hour
  • Uses 86mm clock cards
  • Pre-programmed basic functions
  • Wall or table mounted
  • Weekly or monthly pay period
  • Lockable cover


“I would highly recommend the Time ware 5 package. By introducing a swipe-card system we greatly reduced lateness and absenteeism among our staff, as well as cutting out time spent calculating hours.” Seamus O’Sullivan”, Short Stainless Steel